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How To Not Get Mad

How’s that for a title, eh? Is it true? Have I somehow found the secret to not getting angry? Well, no, not hardly. I have, however, learned some things that I’d like to share. Nothing… Read Article →

Gratitude Matters

Since last week was Thanksgiving here in the States, I’ve had the idea of gratitude on my mind quite a bit lately. I’ve always treated gratitude as something “extra”. Like, yea, it’s great… Read Article →

React State Management With useReducer

Like useState and useContext , useReducer is a new twist on a familiar concept. State reducers have been very popular within the React community for years. The popularity of the Redux… Read Article →

Testing In React

Testing is a crucial weapon of any developer's arsenal. Testing ensures your code actually does what you coded it to do. Therefore, understanding how to write good tests is vital. Having… Read Article →

React's useEffect Hook

useEffect is the replacement for all of the lifecycle methods in class components - think componentDidMount , componentDidUnmount , etc. However, it's not just a replacement for… Read Article →

React Advanced State Management - Context and Custom Hooks

In my previous post I wrote about the Context API, prop drilling, and composition. We learned that sometimes state management problems can be solved simply by how we structure our components… Read Article →

React State Management - Context, Prop Drilling, and Composition

The Context API, one may even call it a pattern as well, gives us a way to share data, or state, among components without having to pass the state as props. Context is not something that has… Read Article →

Death To Automated Virtual Boards

What if I told you the automation your team has in your virtual board isn't really making you more efficient? On the contrary, I'll argue it's actually slowing you down. What are virtual… Read Article →

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